I’m Roland Paquette.  The week before Hal passed, we had been talking about doing something cool with his domain – halbenoit.com – and sadly, that didn’t come to pass.  The domain (which wasn’t under my control at the time) fell off the internet cliff and this blog went with it.   Billy Klock – who’s done some drumming for Hal – after I explained what happened, had the brilliant idea to see if the domain was available now & gosh darn it, it was!  So here it is, as it was the last time Hal saw it.

I used to play bass in one of Hal’s many bands…  ZOOM it was…  Barry Hayes on Drums, me on Bass and of course Hal on guitar, between roughly 1980 & 1983.  The original lineup included David Tisdell on guitar, and Marc Adamchek on keyboards.

I found this great photo of Hal by Paul Shoul:

Hal Benoit by Paul Shoul

I’d love to see contributions (recordings, mp3’s, photos, thoughts, whathaveyou…) from Hal’s many friends, so please fee free to send your thoughts and or content to roland@songsformachines.com and I’ll put them up.

From Hal’s MySpace page:


Hal Benoit, brilliant guitarist, heartfelt lyricist, knocks on Nashville’s door…